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About Carry Freedom

We design the best bike load trailers in the world. Read all about what we are, what we do and what we believe in.

The first question is why use bike trailers at all?

The Y - our workhorse trailer

The Y - our workhorse trailer

Our trailers are...

Efficient - A bicycle trailer is more efficient than rucksack or panniers. Trailers isolate your bike from the load so you don't waste energy wiggling the load.

Safe - A bicycle towing a bicycle trailer handle normally. It corners predictably, and remains maneuverable.

Practical - Bicycle trailers are easier to live with. They're easy to pack, convenient to hitch, and light to walk with. Our trailers also flatten easily for storage.

Another choice - A bike/trailer combination is a good addition to your car and public transport, offering another way to carry. But bicycle trailers and bikes can also piggyback on cars and trains.

Why trailers are better...

Huge capacity - Our bicycle trailer's will carry up to 300 Litres / 90 kg of luggage on a normal bike. You will hardly ever carry this much, but you could do a week's shopping for a family of four in one trip.

Cycling "feels" normal - A two wheel bicycle trailer lets your bike handle normally, even if carrying a lot. It corners normally. It's as maneuverable as normal, and it simply feels normal when cycling. However it takes longer to brake and accelerate, and hills seem steeper (going down as well as up).

No damage to your bike - Carrying heavy loads in bicycle panniers or mono-wheel trailer's needs a strong bike with strong wheels and frame. Two wheel bicycle trailers are rotationally isolated from your bike, so even suspended or lightweight bikes don't suffer.

The Science of Trailers

See "Bicycle Trailer Science" below to learn why two wheel trailers offer all these advantages. The main reason a bicycle trailer is more efficient for you, and less damaging to your bike, is it isolates the load from your bike as the bike wiggles. Bikes wiggle left to right every time your pedals turn. Isolating the load from this motion saves energy and reduces forces on your bike frame.

Download "Bicycle Trailer Science" for more information about why you should be riding with a trailer - DOWNLOAD

Get your firewood

Get your firewood

Why two wheel trailers work:

Bikes wiggle when you cycle - As you cycle your bike is always leaning slightly left then slightly right. Every time you turn your pedals, or adjust direction, or balance, your bike leans slightly.

Bicycle Panniers wiggle, costing energy - With mono wheel bicycle trailers, panniers, and courier bags the load leans with the bike. This movement although very slight is constant, and during a ride a lot of energy is used that could be better spent cycling further or faster.


Two wheel bicycle trailers don't wiggle - Our two wheel trailers stay level as the bike wiggles, so you don't waste energy moving the load left to right.

No wiggle, no waste - You don't waste energy moving the load from left to right and back again, consequently no forces pass through your frame to move the load left/right.

The Carry Freedom Range
The Y, the City and the Bamboo Project

We design, modern transport solutions for a different world.

We try not to waste resources, money or time. Riding bikes is a way of life and using a trailer replaces the need for an automobile.

The Y

A durable simple bicycle trailer that is reliable and field repairable. Carry more than you need with ease. Choose your own box, bag or beer crate.
Link to info

The City

Nimble & visible, this bicycle trailer is perfectly designed. It folds flat in seconds and fits any bike. Welcome to the CITY!
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Bamboo Trailer

Build a DIY bicycle trailer from these free plans. There is no welding or tube bending to be done. Make it any size, from any material, even bamboo.
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The Products
and the accessories

Products: Moving everything and the kitchen sink

We carry kayaks, luggage, beer crates, guitars, firewood, furniture, school books, fruit and veg, long loads, short loads, wide loads or just your regular old shopping basket. Welcome to the Pandoras Box that is Carry Freedom. If you want to compare the trailers and get more detailed information, go to the Product Info page.

  • The Y large

    The Y large

    08 October, 2013

    The Y large

    Carry Freedom - Y-FRAME: Simple, elegant, versatile trailer the Y-FRAME is a multifunctional trailer platform available in two sizes. Fits for all kinds of attachment like boxes, backpacks, dog baskets and so on - the list is never ending. You can change the attachment in a few seconds.

    With the approved Lollypop elastomer hitch incl. 1 hitch bracket. The Lollypop towing bracket needs 4mm of space on the rear axle of the bicycle.


    • frame: 6064t6 aluminium, anodized
    • wheels: 20"
    • load bed: 700 x 500 mm
    • max. load area: 900 x 640 mm
    • weight: 7,5 kg
    • load capacity: 90 kg (80 kg with Weber hitch)

    Attention: When using the trailer with quick release the maximum load is reduced to 50 kg.

    Hand Cart Handle

    Hand Cart Handle

    07 October, 2013

    Hand Cart Handle

    Hand Cart Handle for Y-Frame (Small and Large): A simple handle that pins to the right hand Y-Frame arm. This allows you to walk with the Y-Frame while keeping the load bed level. It does not need to be removed for cycling. The handle also has a foot to keep the trailer level.

    When only one hand cart handle is fitted the Y-Frame can either be used as a bicycle trailer or a walking cart. It is easiest to walk the trailer with the handle in your right hand, so the wheels are at the front and you are behind the trailer. This prevents your feet hitting the trailer, and allows you to watch the load. When the trailer is at rest and not attached to the bicycle it will rest on the lower leg of the walking handle.

    The walking handle can be left in place when the Y-Frame is being used as a bicycle trailer, and the towing arm can be left in place when the Y- Frame is being used as a walking cart.


    • Attaching - The Hand Cart Handle is normally connected to the right hand arm of the Y on the Y-Frame chassis, its held in place using a supplied spring gate pin. You can replace the Spring Gate Pin with a M6 bolt for increased security.
    • Adjusting - The height and angle of the walking handle can be adjusted using a 5mm allen key.
    • Pre 2004 - If your trailer was made in 2004 you will need to drill a hole in the frame for it to attach to. This hole is identical to the towing arm hole. It should be 6.5mm in diameter 50mm from the end, and in the centre of the tube face.
    • 5 year guarantee.
  • The Y small

    The Y small

    07 October, 2013

    The Y small

    Carry Freedom - Y-FRAME: Simple, elegant, versatile trailer the Y-FRAME is a multifunctional trailer platform available in two sizes. Fits for all kinds of attachment like boxes, backpacks, dog baskets and so on - the list is never ending. You can change the attachment in a few seconds.

    With the approved Lollypop elastomer hitch incl. 1 hitch bracket. The Lollypop towing bracket needs 4mm of space on the rear axle of the bicycle.


    • frame: 6064t6 aluminium, anodized
    • wheels: 16"
    • load bed: 580 x 380 mm
    • max. load area: 900 x 490 mm
    • weight: 6 kg
    • load capacity: 45kg
    Folding Box

    Folding Box

    07 October, 2013

    Folding Box

    This folding box is robust and versatile. It folds small when not in use. Using our "Y - Quick release system" with the four rubber feet that are included with every "Y", makes it easy to tie down and easy to remove. It's perfect for that shopping trip.


    • 600 x 400 x 320 mm (fits for Y-Frame small)
    • 800 x 600 x 445 mm (fits for Y-Frame large)/li>


    • material: plastic, grey - solid version
    • solid folding mechanism
    • easy and safe to fold
    • integrated two-piece hinged lid
    • open and close with one hand movement
    • stackable
    • stores flat for space-saving when not in use
    Details: - material: plastic, grey - solid version - solid folding mechanism - easy and safe to fold - integrated two-piece hinged lid - to open and close with one hand movement - stackable - stores flat for space-saving when not in use - dimensions: 600 x 400 x 320 mm (fits for Y-Frame small) 800 x 600 x 445 mm (fits for Y-Frame large)
  • The CITY Trailer

    The CITY Trailer

    07 October, 2013

    The CITY Trailer

    The City Trailer from Carry Freedom - integrates carrying; with innovation and style. This luggage system can tackle all situations, transforming between bicycle trailer, wheeled suitcase or courier bag, even folding flat quickly for storage or travel. Uniquely and significantly the city is useful on all modes of transport, helping you join up your journey.


    • frame material: 6064t6 aluminium
    • wheels: 12"
    • courier bag: this 70 litre courier bag is made from heavy-duty waterproof nylon edged with reflective cord and with a rain flap to protect the lockable horseshoe zip.
    • suspension: elastomer
    • weight: 5 kg
    • load: used as a trailer 45kg, as a courier bag 15kg, as a wheeled suitcase 25kg
    • special feature: folds within seconds
    • includes bag and hitch

    With the approved Lollypop elastomer hitch incl. 1 hitch bracket.

    The Lollypop towing bracket needs 4mm of space on the rear axle of the bicycle.

    Looong Arm

    Looong Arm

    07 October, 2013

    Looong Arm

    Long Arm for towing Bicycles, Surfboards, Canoes and Kayaks. Comes with 2 x 1.5 meter long tow bars, which can be used together to make the tow bar 3 meters long. The 2 pieces can be cut down for specific use.


    • The Long Arm works on Y-Small and Y-Large trailers.
    • You can cut the tow bar down to the size you require. This makes it easy to carry kayaks, boats and tons more.

    Warning: The total weight of the load must not exceed 45 kg.

  • Lollypop Hitch

    Lollypop Hitch

    07 October, 2013

    Lollypop Hitch

    Simple and strong. The Lollypop hitch (with the red elastomer) for Carry Freedom trailers ensures a proper connection. In addition it enables you to connect the trailer fast and securely. Delivery includes one hitch bracket.

    Works for Carry Freedom Y-Frame and City Trailer - also compatible with older versions. The Lollypop towing bracket need 4mm of space on the rear axle of the bicycle.

    When using with other trailers then Carry Freedom: The trailers towing arm tube needs a 19mm internal diameter.

The Carry Freedom Blog
news, music, video and a lot of crazy trailer people

Blog News, views and comment

Another German magazine does the test!

February 27, 2014/0 Comments

The biggest German bicycle magazine “Aktiv Radfahren” has just tested the Carry Freedom Y trailer. The test went very well with the reporter Jens Kockerbeck talking about the flexibility of the Y and the elegant style and simplicity of the trailer. Yes, if you ride it empty it’s a little loud, but put a load […]

German Magazine Tests “the Y”

January 31, 2014/0 Comments

Radtouren (Bike Touring) Magazine in Germany has just tested load trailers in its latest issue. The German Magazine has a circulation of 40,000 readers and is dedicated to touring with bikes. The “Y”topped the list with the best “price-performance ratio” of all load trailers. Link: Radtouren Magazin – German Link

Tech Area – My wheels are stuck!

January 30, 2014/0 Comments

If you have come here because your wheels are stuck in the trailer. we will help you solve this problem. But our first piece of advice is – Don’t let it happen in the first place. Axles almost always get stuck because they have rusted. Often on trailers that have been on long tours, or […]

Bike trailer caravan

January 17, 2014/0 Comments

Nice job here from Wooden Widget who usually make dinghys – they will be releasing the plans for this soon. Link : www.woodenwidget.com

Kayaking – Part two

January 17, 2014/0 Comments

German paddlers Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt, and Philip Baues have racked up an impressive list of whitewater expeditions in exotic locations from Chile to Nepal. Then a friend called them out. “That’s pretty cool,” he said. “But what about the environment?” The question inspired the trio to take a more ecological approach, traveling by bicycle […]

Papete – Pedal & Paddle Edinburgh to Exmouth

January 15, 2014/0 Comments

Papete – Pedal & Paddle Edinburgh to Exmouth Alistair travelled over 150 miles of water and over 500 miles of land and has now finished his challenge! Setting off from Edinburgh on 16th August 2013, Alistair Cope cycled over 500 miles towing his canoe and paddled over 150 miles with his bicycle on board his […]

Kayaking with the Y

January 15, 2014/0 Comments

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Carry Freedom History
the story, the people and the future

History - Carry Freedom

How did this bike revolution start? How did it progress from the remote chicken shed in Scotland to be respected across the world? And what does this all have to do with a small village in northern Germany?

Nick lighting his fire, the Carry Freedom mastermind

Nick lighting his fire, the Carry Freedom mastermind

The Beginning - The spark that was to become Carry Freedom struck in 2001. Nick owned a single wheel bicycle trailer that he used for shuttling between his home and his parents house. Nick despaired over the dangerous handling, regular breakages and the frustrating limitation on what he could carry. Over Christmas in 2001 he sat down to work out how to make a better trailer, and slowly formed a wish list of everything needed to make a perfect bike trailer.

The City - From this wish list the City trailer came into being, though it was another three years before it got named. It took a year from the first idea until Nick built a prototype, another year later a second prototype and another year until it was ready for production.

The Y - Carry Freedom collaborated with Bike Box in the USA to create the Y-Frame in mid 2003. Their design finesse simplified the Bike Box concept to create this tough trailer. The true strength of this simple trailer is its accessories and the huge range of loads this versatile trailer can carry.

USED Team - Bob and Daniela

USED Team - Bob and Daniela

The Bamboo Trailer - A bicycle trailer is a great way to carry things by bicycle, but many people simply cannot afford to buy a bicycle trailer like the Y. It is often the people with the least money who would benefit the most from a bicycle trailer. The Bamboo Trailer the answer to this problem. A simple 16 page building plan with no welding or tube bending and anyone can build a trailer. This was our plan for helping others.

USED - Nick first met Bob and Daniela from USED at the IFMA show in Cologne. USED with its modern idea about saving resources, time and money by only selling products people need and use. This led to an over ten year working relationship with USED being the European distributor for Carry Freedom. In 2013 as Nick made the decision to sell the Carry Freedom brand to concentrate on his Paper Bike project, USED was happy to take over the brand, keeping Nick as Chief Engineer.

The Future - We are working on lots of new stuff, 2014 is going to be a good year. And we will continue to promote our Bamboo Trailer plans to the 3rd world.



Our trailers - Every journey with a trailer is a journey without a car. By making "stuff carrying" by bike easy we encourage more cycle journeys. Frequently our trailer s are the last step for people to stop depending on their car.

Resources - We reduce our impact on the environment by minimizing our use of resources such as paper and power, and recycling/reusing what we can. Our suppliers have a commitment to the environment, and by supporting charities that promote environmental awareness we help educate people on better ways to live.

Location - USED in Germany, makes 60% more electricity than it uses. The excess is pushed back in to the grid system for others to use. This electricity is made using photovoltaic panels. We heat using wood pellets which use a low temperature to power the heating system. Carry Freedom's workshop is a renovated wooden chicken shed on a working farm. This is incredibly well insulated and has very low lighting and heating requirements.



Where? - Most of our trailers are made in Taiwan by Excellent Products, with the custom trailers and most accessories being made by us in our Scottish workshop.

Taiwan - Taiwan is a democratic country with a good social system. We like Taiwan because of the good machining skills available there. Our supplier has become our good friend and is always ready and willing to improve the product. Jim is the owner of Excellent Products. We cannot recommend him more highly. Also Pacific Cycles who make the CITY for us is a small family owned manufacturer dedicated to the high quality production of unusual bicycles.



UK - Carry Freedom is proud to be sold through Extra UK. This fine company distributes our products to dealers in Britain and Ireland and has been doing so for a long time.

Europe - USED GmbH, located in Quakenbrück, Germany has been the European distributor for over ten years now. Now USED is looking for distributors in other European countries to spread the word about CF trailers.

USA - After a successful trade show appearance at the Interbike in Las Vegas, USED has been checking out the opportunities in the USA. Hopefully something will come to fruition in 2014.

Rest - Talks will also be held at the Taipei Show in March with Australian and Asian distributors.

from specs to social media

Carry Freedom HQ/UK Distribution

c/o USED GmbH

Address: Am Bahnhof 3, 49610 Quakenbrück, Germany

Telephone: +49 5431-9089983

Fax: +49 5431-9089987

Email: info@used-HQ.com

Extra UK

Address: Datamex House, Morris Close, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6XF

Telephone: 01933 672 170

Telephone: 01933 672 170

Email: mailbox@extrauk.co.uk

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