12. The Bamboo Trailer

The Bamboo Trailer

The Bamboo Trailer was designed by Carry Freedom for use in the 3rd world. This simple but strong trailer is built locally from paper plans we supply. What’s revolutionary is that anyone can build this trailer, out of practically any material (including bamboo), with hardly any tools. Its length width and strength can be adapted, it can even be towed by a donkey, person, or moped. The Bamboo Trailers basic frame can be adapted to carry many things including; farmers produce, fire wood, water, and the sick to their nearest doctor.

Places that need a bike trailer the most, often have the least capacity to build or buy them. Carry Freedom developed the Bamboo trailer to allow anyone the ability to build a strong adaptable trailer from anything. These plans allow a builder to make a trailer from most materials, with pinned joints, and no bending or welding. Whether you make it from titanium or bamboo, this is a stiff light trailer. It can be varied it in width length and strength, and made to fold.

We are developing this project as a non profit venture. These free plans are funded by profits from our western trailer sales. Any help in developing funding and circulating this project is welcome.

Link to the plans: HERE

Notes about the Bamboo Trailer plans:
This is a work in progress, so apologies for all mistakes and omissions. The ultimate aim is to have a document that can be followed and understood by most people irrespective of language culture or literacy. This of course will take a lot of time feedback and help.

Copyright of this document belongs to its creator Carry Freedom. Copying or reproducing this document in whole or in part without our prior writen permision is prohibited, with the exception of peer to peer distribution.

Peer to Peer distribution is exchange of this document between two private individuals, and is permited on the understanding that the document will be distributed intact and no money changes hands.

  • The Bamboo Trailer
  • The plans are free to distribute
  • Its simple. The trailer can be made with very simple tools and skills
  • Its flexible. The trailers length width strength and materials can be varied
  • Its strong. The trailer strength to weight ratio is near perfect

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